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FOLKLORE [180 grams vinyl] SOLD OUT

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16 Horsepower
Thursday, April 16, 2015


In 2002 16 Horsepower recorded the long-awaited follow-up to “Secret South”. The result is “Folklore”, a departure towards a more mature sound. While the sound may be quieter, the songs have not lost none of their power and moody intensity. Just listen to the opener “Hutterite Mile” and feel the hypnotic voice of David Eugene creep inside your guts.

When in early `96 a journalist asked David Eugene Edwards about his influences he replied: “Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Joy Division, The Birthday Party/Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Gun Club and the Hungarian band Muzsikas.”

“Folklore” finally reflects those influences and comes full circle. Here you will find the evocative lyrical qualities of Bob Dylan, the gloomy delivery of Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash´s “Love, God & Murder” trilogy distilled into one, Jeffrey Lee Pierce´s exorcism-in-progress and Ian Curtis´ haunting melodies. You will also witness a similar musical development Nick Cave underwent from his Birthday Party days.

16 Horsepower continues to explore their obsessions with religion, death and love with a frightening intensity and emotional edge, although in a more subdued fashion.


1. Hutterite Mile
2. Outlaw Song
3. Blessed Persistence
4. Alone And Forsaken
5. Single Girl
6. Beyond The Pale
7. Horse Head Fiddle
8. Sinnerman
9. Flutter
10. La Robe A Parasol