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Volume 4 the fish

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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Download THE PET SERIES volume 4 here!

the finest selection of quiet music. compiled on this nice piece of art, you will find bands from all over the world. you might know some of them; unwed sailor, at the close of every day, diefenbach, spinvis, the innocence mission, lillium and scout niblett. the more unkown bands are also really worth checking out! all tracks are previously unreleased.

THE PET SERIES Volume 4 contains:
1) giardini di miro - ren�? this is a melancholic hip-wop
2) honey for petzi - scales practice
3) spinvis - idee zeventien
4) tiebraker - no fault
5) thomas denver johnsson - first in line (live feat. rosie thomas & damien Jurado)
6) lillium - sorry (remix by bob ferbrache, feat. kal cahoone and tom barman)
7) me - it\'s been awhile (live for vrpo television)
8) the river curls around the town - tales from the river
9) krakow - by the water (the deep version)
10) sarah hepburn - for slow learners
11) rameses III - on the way to the silver city
12) multi-panel - near the sea

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