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Let's Be Fine

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Brown Feather Sparrow
Friday, April 22, 2005

The second album of this beautiful 5-piece. The first one Wide Awakens Everything was well received and because Arjen en Lydia were busy with this beautiful mess they were not able to play to much with Brown Feather Sparrow. But now things have changed, this beautiful mess is on hold for the time being and all of their time and effort has been put into this album.
Some parts of the last two years in Lydia\'s life are being descripted on this album; the people she met, the death of her dog and her wedding are all beautiful told in songs on this new album .

1 We have To Run
2 Don\'t Tell Her
3 Catching Rain
4Tabitha (take it iff of her)
5 Imka
6 Has It Been Too Long?
7 Nothing Else On My Mind
8 Urk
9 Great Art Thou
10 Build You A House
11 Come And Help Us Carry
12 Enjoy This Day With Me